What is the dogstepper - Explaining the various parts

The dogstepper is an ingenious piece of training equipment which can be used in almost all areas of dog training.  

Whether Dogdance, Agility, Lounging, Tricktraining or for leisure activities with the family dog - the  Dogstepper can be used in a number of ways. Used in dog physiotherapy it is incredibly helpful because owners of injured dogs can carry on training at home. 

Denise Nardelli designed the Dogstepper which was then tested over a two year trial period involving countless trick trainers, dog physiotherapists, dogdance trainers and workshop participants. This led to the current design which Denise Nardell has had protected.

The result: An extremely versatile training system. The Dogstepper is light, easy to carry and can be extended indefinitely to make your training incredibly varied.


The heart and origin of the  Dogstepper system - You can use BLOXX to set up almost any practice situation. You can combine BLOXX as a puzzle and make platforms or combine them on top of each other using LINXX in order to make higher podiums


Coming soon


Enables you to make wider platforms or work at a right angle


Enables you to make wider platforms or work at a right angle


Combining the STIXX with the BLOXX results in easy to transport cavalettis or small jumps which can be varied in height. The STIXX can be divided, making them easy to transport and even more versatile, for example for building small tables


Short Stixx, 70 cm long, ideal for cavalettis


short pieces to connect BLOXX, QUIXX und QUAXX 

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